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Who We Serve

We take the complexity out of solar data

WHO REnergyWare Serves

REnergyWare serves customers throughout the US as represented in this map. Our quality and service are second to none.  Call us today to see how we can help.


Solar developers need actual site energy production information that is timely, accurate and available. Our Revolution IOT software delivers all three requirements day in and day out. And our industrial quality data acquisition hardware ensures the site data is collected, stored, managed, and delivered to the portal rapidly and then presented in an easy to understand visual graphic. When every kWh matters, trust REnergyWare to deliver clear and concise data that lets you know your plant is delivering as designed. 

Electrical Contactors

REnergyWare and our parent company, REIG, are experts on all thing renewable energy data and can assist with the design and installation of DAS/SCADA hardware and those all-important meteorological sensors. We have the real-world experience with installation, commissioning, fiber and all things communications. Don’t go this alone…let Team REIG ensure the DAS/SCADA system is installed and commissioned per the site’s requirements and system specifications.

EPC (Engineering, Procurement, & Construction)

The EPC community has a huge responsibility to build and start up utility scale solar sites. And with the growing complexity of DAS/SCADA systems, it makes sense to allow the REIG experts to add our in-depth expertise to your team to ensure maximum system performance and accurate data delivery. It’s too important to leave to the lowest bidder, so allow our industry professionals to take the responsibility for the entire spectrum of data services. 

O&M (Operations and Maintenance) Operators

Experience has taught the RE industry that solar PV systems are not build-it and forget-it systems. Sometimes they need TLC and the DAS/SCADA system can be the most complex element on the site. So, don’t guess what the issue may be, bring in our highly trained and proficient service team to diagnose and repair the device or communications infrastructure that is the gremlin in the works. We do our best to diagnose and make the repair on the same trip, saving you time, money and ensuring maximum energy yield.